Saturday, September 30, 2006

Eeeeeeeeeeekkk~!! Grow up so fast!

Woa ha ha ha.... damn beh tahan photographing them.

To Hell.... and back

On August 26th, 2006, a few days right after my Gunung Jerai company teambuilding trip, I noticed that my external flash Nikon SB-600 started to behave abnormally. There seems to be some problem turning it on and IF it does, it will automatically shuts down by itself for no reason.

So I called up the shop where I got the SB-600 from, and he told me that I need to admit my SB-600 to Nikon Hospital immediately.

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So I sent it over to Penang at August 29th, with the hope that it will get fixed within that week itself as I need to shoot Mrs Mayat's graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, the shopkeeper told me that Nikon Penang does not have any technicians to repair my SB-600 hence it needs to be transferred to Nikon KL. WAAAAHHHH... *CRY LOUDLY*

As I keep waiting and waiting... I had to create some not-so-nice pics for my company's event including a lab opening ceremony as well as the recent Damai Laut trip. WAAAAAAHHHHH..... *CRY LOUDLY AGAIN*

So I continued waiting.... and waited...

and waited...

and waited some more...

and waited again...

and again...


Last Thursday, the shopkeeper called me and told me that my SB-600 has been fixed in KL and will be sent over to Penang on Friday. Yipeee~!!! Yesterday, the shopkeeper called again and told me,"Loctor Mayat, you can come and collect your flash now"


So this morning around 10am I headed to Penang island excitedly but unfortunately I took the bridge and got stuck in some major traffic jam because some big ass lorry was stucked in the middle due to burst tyres. Tiu nia seng!! What a waste of time moving inch by inch....

Around 11am I reached KOMTAR and finally saw my poor SB-600 again!! It has been exactly one month since it was sent to Nikon. With much eagerness, I inserted the batteries and powered it up...

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Did a few test shots...

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Alrighty!!! Everything is working a-okay!

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So, what did I learn from this experience?

1) Camera bags are invented for a reason.
2) When not in use, remove batteries
3) Nikon Penang does not have a technician
4) Nikon KL probably does not even have spare parts

Woa ha ha ha....

Later, I'll be bringing my healed SB-600 with me to my parent's house and shoot 'em 10 puppies using it. WOOOT~!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WOOF? (Blog by Robert H. Johnson)

Woof... woof woof woof~!!! Boww wow wow Woooff woofff~!!

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Wooo wooof woof~! woof woof woof!

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WOOH Woof woof woof woof..... WOOF LOL~!

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Wooof wooof .... grrrrrrr..... wOOOOOFFF~!

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Woof woof grr.... woof woof... stim wooof.... woof woof wooof..... wooof wooof..... wooof ... beh tahan.. wooof~!!!! WOOOF!!! WOOOF!!!

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WOOOF woof woof woof woof~!

Woof wooof... *growl*... wooof woooof! Ron Jeremy Wooof Wooof! Woof!

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(LoctorMayat came back and saw paw prints on his Apple keyboard)

WAH LAU! What happened here??! Who use my computer?

Monday, September 25, 2006

The pics..

I arrived at Damai Laut around 1pm++ after having a damn nice seafood lunch with my buddy Coolznick at Manjung. A bunch of people already arrived and waiting to get their room keys.

I took a few shots from the lobby,

then.. we all adjourned to get some refreshments and rested for a while after the 2 hours++ journey from Penang. I was already sweating...

After settling down in my room and rested for a while, it's time to head to the beach!

Very nice leh~!!! This is the first time I'm stepping on private-owned beach

As can be seen from the pics, no people one! Ha ha ha.. the urge to *take off pants* and run across the sand is so tempting.

So after another round of major sweating at the beach, I went to the pool for a nice dip. Fooh yoh... the pool is damn nice I tell you.

After getting my skin all wrinkled up, it's almost time for dinner. The sun was beginning to set too.

I quickly went back to my room to get my camera and managed to 'capture' the beautiful sunset.

Ha ha ha.... really quite nice.

So we all headed down to the 'Garden Terrace' and had a nice buffet dinner.

Overall, it was a satisfying trip for me but I wish Mrs Mayat was there with me. Well, who says I won't be going there again right? ;)

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Oh my..... I never knew that it was so tiring to go canoeing with Laikos two days straight.

It was damn fun but very very tiring...

166 pics were taken... still haven't processed them yet.

Till then.. let me recuperate my sore muscles first. Now I can't even pee properly..

On a side note, checked my gmail just now and saw that several people has asked me how they can adopt Ah Brown's six puppies. Well... to be serious, I don't know.

Taking Ah Brown's puppies away from her is sort of.... cruel.. u know? But then, I don't really have a say in this matter because they're not my dogs. Ah Brown doesn't really have an owner so they're 100% strays.

To the girl who emailed me yesterday, no you can't "Come over and take a look first before deciding whether to adopt them or not".

Jeeez.... I'm not a pet shop owner for goodness sake. Some people ah... *shake head*

Friday, September 22, 2006

Damai Laut.... here I come!

In 45 minutes time, Loctor will be heading over to Damai Laut resort for the company teambuilding.

Yeah... I know I mentioned before that I'll be bringing Mrs Mayat there one day but then, this will give me a good chance to check out whether it's really worth it to spend RM599++ for both me and Mrs Mayat on our private escapade there.

But since we can only check in the resort at 3pm, I will be heading directly to Sitiawan first for lunch with my good friend, Mr "Still-available" Coolznick

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Everything's in order and I'm ready to go. Oh, today is also Mrs Mayat's first day at work for her temporary job. Just wish her all the best ! :D

Damn... just realized that I will be missing the grand finale of One in a Million. Uggh.. nevermind.. can watch online later.

Oh man... suddenly I'm having the want-to-pangsai feeling again......

Well.. till Saturday. Ciao!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Zoo Implements Visitor Screening Policy After Incident

Kuala Lumpur - Officials from Zoo Negara has implemented a visitor screening policy at its front gates effective immediately after two primates died in their enclosure. The policy will cause minor delays at the front gates and ticket counter but zoo keepers mentioned that this will not disrupt operations at the zoo.

"After considering all the possibilities, we decided that this is the best way to keep visitor attracted to the zoo and to ensure that the safety of the animals are taken care of. We do not wish to see a similiar incident in the future.", according to zoo spokesman Mr Uruto Rahman.

In last Friday's incident, a visitor who was walking slowly towards the monkey's enclosure was causing the animals around her to grow uneasy. Some of the lions and tigers grew aggressive and zoo keepers had to close off the section to avoid more visitors from further agitating the beasts.

As the visitor reached the monkey cages, two primates who first saw her went into a shock and subsequently experienced a heart attack. One of them died on the spot while another one died while on the way to the vet. The visitor was then asked to leave by zoo officials.

"We hope that visitors will understand the policy as it is our duty to keep the animals safe and protected at all times. Some of the animals are close to extinction and we do not wish to lose them while under our care", Uruto Rahman continued.

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I tell you laa.....

Sleeping on a queen-size bed that you spent RM1,380 for is really something one....

The feeling is just.....

.... different :P *wink* *wink*

Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Discovery.....

It's Saturday... means... it's Visit-loctormayat's-parents day. It was the usual activity today... lazing around.. updating my parents about my life and work...

Then I went out to the garden to snap a few shots of my father's precious orchids..

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Bah.... very boring... even my champion mate Robert H. Johnson doesn't really care much about my visit today..

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So I went to the backlanes to visit Ah Brown... damn long since I last saw her. To my surprise...

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Ah Brown's boobies grew huge!! That could only mean one thing...

I looked around.. and saw something new...

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And looking nearer... I was so shocked upon discovering.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Eeeeeeeeeeekkk~~!!!! SO CUTE~~!!!

Apparently, without me knowing, Ah Brown has become a mommy! Ha ha ha... to a pack of 6 puppies!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

FOoooyoh!!! DAMN CUTE!! Father has been busy building that 'animal shelter' behind the unoccupied house next door. Woa ha ha ha... wah lau.. tak boleh tahan laa...

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From my initial observation... there are 5 girls and 1 dude..

woa ha ha... some of the pups was as shocked as me and pee-ed in their fur-pants.. ha ha ha. Sorry mate... didn't meant to scare you with my camera :P

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What's the next thing now? Giving names to each of them of course.... wah lau.. WOA HA HA HA HA... tak boleh tahan laa... SO CUTE!

By the way, among the pack.... is Snoop Doggy Doopy Doop...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Loctor Mayat's Prayer List

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I pray that....
  1. I get to drink my favourite coffee every morning
  2. I don't slip and fall in the shower
  3. I have smooth process of baking moist chocolate brownies after taking the shower
  4. Idiots don't come and bang my car and I don't bang idiot's car while on my way to work
  5. Nothing bad happens to Mrs Mayat when she's alone at home
  6. The stupidity level of some government people does not increase on a hourly basis
  7. My SB-600 gets discharged from Nikon Hospital as soon as possible
  8. My 15 year old Sagalution 1.5M does not fall apart mid-way in Penang bridge
  9. My blog does not crash again
  10. Some people will have the common sense of not taking things too seriously especially in online forums.
  11. I can save enough money as soon as possible to hold our marriage ceremony as soon as possible.
  12. My father's LCD TV arrives as soon as possible
  13. I can improve my cooking skills
  14. I lose 7kg suddenly

Wednesday, September 13, 2006



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After that...

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Walls Moo Soft Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich

Last night was grocery shopping night with Mrs Mayat. I wanted to try the new ice cream thingy in town which happens to be the Walls Moo Soft Cookie Sandwich (contains calcium) so when I saw it, I grabbed it :D

It's a little pricey though... RM7.95 (Carrefour) for a packet which contains 10 of these Moo Sandwich.

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Each packet is quite small in size. No larger than your average-sized palm.

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Opening it, you can see the thick layer of ice-cream in between the two dark layers of soft cookies.

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Biting into one, the first impression I got was "Eh? The cookies run air is it?"

Ha ha ha... well.. it's supposed to be soft. I'm not a great food reviewer like lanatir or BabeKL but what can I say about this new dessert in town?

Okay la. But ~80cents a piece? Jialat loh.........

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sailormoon !!!

*UPDATED 8 Sept*

Some people have complained about the slow loading page due to the large Youtube share. So now I'm just gonna share the link here:

And still.....


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


As our bus departs from JB, it stopped at the Yong Peng R&R when me and Mrs Mayat saw this...

Holy Cow!! I don't know what to say man....


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm baaack~~!


It was some trip I had for the past 3 days. Of course, the main intention is to attend Mrs Mayat's convocation in UTM, Skudai but I'm glad to be able to meet up with a few good buddies over there in the southern part of Malaysia.

So on convocation day, me and Mrs Mayat woke up at blardy 5am. The reason why is because registration starts at 6:45am and there might be not enough car park that is within walking distance. Ugggh...

So after getting everything done, we waited at the designated area for Mrs Mayat's course which happens to be the front of the Student Affairs building (Bangunan H.E.P)

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Being the typical Malaysians that we are, majority of the people came in late. A bunch of people arrived which includes the grandpas and grandmas, parents, siblings, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.

Only a few people belong to the 'husband' or 'wife' group :D Luckilly that day nobody asked me whether I'm Mrs Mayat's father. Ha ha ha ha... it happened before. Damn!

So after everybody packed themselves into the Dewan Sultan NasiKandar, the ceremony officially started.

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17mm, F/2.8 @ ISO1600

On that session, I think roughly more than a thousand degrees were handed out by the Pro-Chansellor. Yikes... damn sien man. In addition to that, guests are not allowed to leave the hall until the ceremony is over.

I'm lucky enough to get a good seat where I can get some decent shots. Also, I think I saw someone familiar getting his degree as well.

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70mm, F/4/5 @ ISO1600

No... I don't have 70-200mm F/2.8 VR.

Anyway, after everything is over. We headed for lunch and got some sleep. 5am!! jeeez....

Later that day, I took the taxi to Danga Bay to meet up with a friend. We ate the famous Laksa at Water Works and he brought me over to Taman Merdeka.

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Ummm.... seriously nothing really interesting there but they do have their own Twelve Apostles though..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

No idea what it is for.

In the evening, we met up with two more buddies and headed to a place known as Permas (or something like that I can't really remember the actual name) where the patrons get to eat nasi lemak on a platform on the sea. Ha ha.. quite cool.

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The food is nothing to shout about but the experience is something really different. You can get to see Singapore while chewing your rendang daging :D Woa ha ha ha...

So, today I'm back home and Mrs finally saw her surprise present which I got for her... which happens to be that Yamaha P-70 digital piano. WOot woot....