Thursday, September 14, 2006

Loctor Mayat's Prayer List

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I pray that....
  1. I get to drink my favourite coffee every morning
  2. I don't slip and fall in the shower
  3. I have smooth process of baking moist chocolate brownies after taking the shower
  4. Idiots don't come and bang my car and I don't bang idiot's car while on my way to work
  5. Nothing bad happens to Mrs Mayat when she's alone at home
  6. The stupidity level of some government people does not increase on a hourly basis
  7. My SB-600 gets discharged from Nikon Hospital as soon as possible
  8. My 15 year old Sagalution 1.5M does not fall apart mid-way in Penang bridge
  9. My blog does not crash again
  10. Some people will have the common sense of not taking things too seriously especially in online forums.
  11. I can save enough money as soon as possible to hold our marriage ceremony as soon as possible.
  12. My father's LCD TV arrives as soon as possible
  13. I can improve my cooking skills
  14. I lose 7kg suddenly


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