Friday, September 22, 2006

Damai Laut.... here I come!

In 45 minutes time, Loctor will be heading over to Damai Laut resort for the company teambuilding.

Yeah... I know I mentioned before that I'll be bringing Mrs Mayat there one day but then, this will give me a good chance to check out whether it's really worth it to spend RM599++ for both me and Mrs Mayat on our private escapade there.

But since we can only check in the resort at 3pm, I will be heading directly to Sitiawan first for lunch with my good friend, Mr "Still-available" Coolznick

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Everything's in order and I'm ready to go. Oh, today is also Mrs Mayat's first day at work for her temporary job. Just wish her all the best ! :D

Damn... just realized that I will be missing the grand finale of One in a Million. Uggh.. nevermind.. can watch online later.

Oh man... suddenly I'm having the want-to-pangsai feeling again......

Well.. till Saturday. Ciao!


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