Monday, October 30, 2006

A sucky photo....

Partial view of Butterworth town and Penang island and a dinky-dink ferry heading towards the island.

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Yucks.... I hate this pic.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Finally... a replacement

This morning, after dropping off Mrs Mayat to work. I made a quick hop over to Penang island to my regular photography shop to do some window shopping for a new tripod.

First the shopkeeper showed me a brand from China called 'Victory'. Wah... the legs are stiff... springs hard to press... and the ballhead is just damn small. It's extremely cheap but I'm afraid that it won't last me for 1 year. The model is Victory 3001B. Nah... I'll pass.

So the shopkeeper brought out an Italian tripod by the name of 'Manfrotto'. For those who are well-versed in photography this brand is not new. They made very reliable tripods.

The first impression I get is very good. Built quality is very high. The springs, clamps and 3-way pan & tilt head are very solid. After a few more minutes of trying, I can say that I'm overly amazed and bought over by it. Weighing at more than 1.5kg with head attached, this tripod ain't gonna rattle and shake like the previous one.

I tried putting on my camera on the tripod and took some very slow shutter speed shots (e.g. 1/4 sec) and the pics come out great! Even asked the shopkeeper to lend me the Sigma 135-400mm super zoom lens for testing and it's wonderful!

Finally, I bought it and bring it back home with a big smile :D

Woa ha ha ha...

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When I was in KL, a good person from Photomalaysia presented me with a gift. It was a breakfast meal...

Ladies & Germs....


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Friday, October 27, 2006

Return of the Stim Man (Part 2)

So yesterday morning I got up at 6am and headed for the buffet breakfast downstairs.
Aiyoh... I don't know what to say man. The staff really needs to polish up their PR and language...

Pepper also don't know.... *slap forehead*

After that I head back to my room, pangsai-ed and packed my stuff for checking out. All in all, the whole stay costs me RM140++. Cheap, yes. Worth it? No.

Anyhow, I was given this nice gift of Hari Raya cookies by the hotel reception.

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Like this okay laa....

So I got into my car, and headed towards the Federal Highway and it was a straight long road until I reached Klang. After some waiting Mrs finally arrived and it was a straight long road back to Damansara and we went to Ikano Power Center :D

okay.. actually we only went to IKEA :P Wanna get that glass cabinet for a long time liao and this trip is a damn good excuse for me to do so. We also picked up a pair of downlights (1 which was used for the cabinet), an 8R photo frame and an Italian Non-stick cooking pan with glass lid. Woot~! :D

After shopping, we began our journey back home. After a couple of hours, Mrs Mayat wanted to stop by Ipoh to taste that famous hor fun. Around 3:30pm++, we finally reached Ipoh town.

Firstly, we went over to try the bean curd at this shop:
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Aiyoh....... it was heavenly!!!!!! So nice~!!!!

After swallowing down the bowl of beancurd, we crossed the street and bought some 'Hiong Peng' (Fragrant Biscuit.. LOL~!)

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So, after we're done shopping we walked over to the famous Onn Kee (Tauge Ayam) shop. Hahaha...

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Ordered two bowls of hor fun, half chicken and 1 plate of tauge.

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Okay.. I have a confession to make here:

  1. The food is really nothing to shout about
  2. It's a bit expensive (RM17 for all)
  3. Waiter/Waitress/Cook is damn rude (Cantonese mah)
  4. Took too long to cook our order
  5. Floor damn oily
  6. Wall fan collapsed and almost hurt a guy
I'm sorry, but I think the hor fun here is what the Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow is to Penang people. Honest comments. Lot's can be improved here so don't sue me please.


After our brief stop-over at Ipoh, we headed back to the highway for the final 2 hour journey home.

Carrying the glass cabinet out from the car to our condo is really a feat for fit and strong people like stupe. Damn heavy lah wei.....

I took 1 hour to fix it up.

The downlights are damn nice too....

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So after some screwing... (heh heh...)

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Woa ha ha ha....

~ end of KL (& iPoh) trip report ~

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The return of the Stim Man (Part 1)

KL.. as usual... is always good to mee. Each trip to KL sure will leave me with memories that I'll remember for life.

So, I left Rumah Mayat at 6am sharp on Wednesday. I was still rather sleepy as I didn't sleep well the night before. Something about long distance travel always cause me erectile dysfunction the-night-before insomaniac problems.

So I reached Bandar Utama precisely at 10am. Woot! Woot! After that I rushed to the toilet at Centrepoint as fast as I could to pang sai. Foooh~! Stim sekali.

Not long after that my friends from Photomalaysia started arriving and we all adjourned all the way to Klang to have their famous Bak Kut Teh. We came back to BU after that so that one of them could help me to get to my lodging for the night... Hotel Armada :D

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I refreshened up, changed and took the train to KLCC :D

Then.. I came back immediately as Crumpler store was not open. Damn it...

So I took my rest and luckilly managed to catch some sleep. During the evening, I met up with all those real nice guys from Photomalaysia at some cafe nearby...

Okay the company was great... as for the food and drinks........

really really....


Around 11pm, I bid my farewell to the guys and walked back to my hotel as I need to wake up early to pick up Mrs Mayat from Klang bus station. As I closed the lights in the room, I realized that one of the wall lamps can't be turned off.

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So I followed the power cord and found out....

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WAH LAU!! Ha ha ha ha..... 4 star hotel woh~!!!

Nevertheless, the room was too cold anyway (because the air cond temperature dial has no effect at all) so I took out the key card in order to cut off everything in the room. Aaah.... slept soundly after that.

... to be continued tomorrow

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kuala Lumpur, here I come!

Tomorrow at 6am, I will begin my ~4 hour journey and head down to the capital.

A bunch of nice guys will be meeting up with me and take me for lunch (probably in Klang).

Then I'll check in to the hotel... and if I still have time and energy... a visit to the Crumpler store :D

In the evening from 7pm onwards, I will be at somewhere near Hilton for a TT with the guys and gals over at Photomalaysia forum.

Till then... take care and see ya!

Here's something for you to remember me by if something bad happens to me:
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Monday, October 23, 2006


After several years of service....

My not-so-trusty tripod finally gave way and broke its spinal cord...

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Now I don't even dare to mount a compact camera on it... as it's spinal cord will slide down anytime.. bringing camera, tripod and my heart to the ground..

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Well... as the saying goes..

"Old one don't spoil, new one don't come"

Now gotta make a few calls and check out that Manfrotto... :P

As a tribute, here are the last two photos I took before the Tripod broke...

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sigma vs Nikkor lenses

Finally, after much delayed and procrastinating, I managed to complete this project to compare the performance for the two of the lenses that I owned:
Let's look at the photos:

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Looks like the Sigma captured a warmer photo as compared to the Nikkor.

Next, Ultraman test:

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Yup... the Sigma can capture a richer red color tone too..

Next, sharpness test:

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This one... both also no fight. Sharpness for both lenses looks the same to me.


Both lenses perform well.
No point comparing lenses.
Both have their pros and cons.

Instead of worrying which lens better... I'd rather spend my time designing more T-shirts :D
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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I was quite bored..

.. so I designed this:

Design #1

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Design #2:

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Nice boh? :D

RM25 each..... :P

Seafood on revenge...

After the disastrous event which involved the sad demise of environmentalist Steve Irwin, another case happened in Malaysia just recently.

An Ikan Kembung was waiting to be slaughtered and seasoned with tepung kunyit and salt suddenly came alive and started attacking. The unfortunate victim was Urutoraman Cosmos whose head got caught in the jaws of the Ikan Kembung.

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Many tried to free him but unfortunately the Ikan Kembung was too strong. Eventually everybody fled the scene for their own safety.

Few minutes later, police and rescue personnel from 911 arrived on the scene and saw the badly injured and severely mangled body of Urutoraman Cosmos. The Ikan Kembung was no where to be found.

Experts from Las Vegas was called in to help in investigations.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

So what's in my camera bag?

I was happily browsing the Photomalaysia forum when someone posted this thread.

So... I guess... it's not gonna hurt if I show you guys what's in my camera bag.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Learning something new everyday...

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"Ei... Ah Seng... lu punya motor letak di Parkir kereta laa.."

"AIYOH!! Midvalley Megamall's Parkir damn big laa....."

"Tiu Nia Seng... so hard to find Parkir in Wan Ootama laaaa.....!!!"


Celebrity Bra Sizes

Thanks to my neighbour, now we know what size they wear :D

Don't know how true or accurate this is, but it's good enough for you hamsap salty people's imagination:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The replacement for "Error 404"

So I was happily surfing the net and scratching my balls when Maniac from messaged me asking me for help.

So apparently he wants to replace the boring "Error 404" page you see everyday...

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So I thought for a while...

The theme is 'not found'...

How do I cam-whore to fit the theme?


Few stimming seconds later a spark of idea came and I quickly took out my gear from the drybox, did a few shots, adjusted exposure a little, and did more test shots until I was satisfied.

Then.. I uploaded the photos to my Mac and began photoshopping. After fully satisfied with the end result... I uploaded the photo to the net and showed Maniac.

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Woa ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha~!

Maniac liked the photo and it's now the official Error 404 page for Fotokrazy. You can view it here.

The whole thing took less than 20 minutes and Mrs Mayat said that I'm crazy.
Well... because I am.


Anyway... please do visit the website. They're a very active bunch there. *thumbs up*

Saturday, October 14, 2006

No more wet dreams..

Finally, after more than 1 year of Digital SLR photography, I've manage to (and can finally afford to) get myself a nice Drybox for my photography gears.

Presenting... the 30 Litre Drybox. :D

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Once plugged in, the drybox will keep humidity within at 40-50% (some humidity measurement unit). This is very important for your camera especially the lenses because in dark and high humidity places, fungus can easily grow. And when fungus grows on your lens, your picture degrades, and you need to send it for cleaning, which costs money.


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Brand new Crumpler Sport Guy 0.2!!! This baby has a shoulder strap which can be removed. The back also allows you to clip the pouch to your belt. It is able to house an average sized compact camera with pocket for extra memory card. Also included is a rubber strap for you to hold 2 AA batteries firmly.

Anybody interested? RM70 o.n.o including Poslaju.

Email me

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hey..... Guess what?

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Woa Ha Ha Ha Ha....... !!!!!!!!!!

Aiyoh... laugh until stomach damn pain now...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh damn.........

Lugging my backpack getting ready to go to work, I head towards to front door after making sure all switches are off and pipes are closed. I locked the door and shut it closed. Yeah, my door is those older types where you need to lock it from inside first and slam it shut.

I reached into my left pocket looking for the keys to open the grill lock when I felt a deep sense of panic rushed into me. Damn.... I forgot to bring out my house keys.

There was I.... standing at the front yard of my condo, in betwen the front door and the locked grill, TRAPPED.

My first thought is to call Mrs Mayat for help since she always bring a pair of the keys to work. Reaching towards my Crumpler Thirsty AL (M) pouch hanging on my belt, I felt another deep sense of panic as realized that I also forgot to bring out my handphone from inside the house.

Mrs Mayat won't be back till evening..........


worst of all.....

I felt a tingling sensation in my tummy.... signs of Pang Sai.

The only saving grace for me is the small little pot of money plant on top of the shoe rack. Should I just pang my sai directly into the pot as fetilizer for the money plant? Maybe it will grow some US Dollars for me?

An ear ripping fart suddenly escaped from my bung hole... my legs grew weak and I could felt a wet patch on my pants. Did I just splattered........... on my pants?

Then I could hear another gurgle inside my stomach as it prepares itself for another round of fart.......

I was shaking in fear and embarassment, and closed my eyes tightly to brace myself until..........


My alarm clock sounded and I woke up.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'll see you... when you get there

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The sunset forms the dramatic background for the high-rise crane that is busy with the construction of a condo block just right in front of mine.

I sure hope that with the completion of this condo, I still have a decent view of Penang island and the beautiful sunset everyday.

Well... as the title says,"I'll see you when you get there". When it's finally completed, I am able to see more than just sunsets :P

Ha ha ha ha...

But before that... maybe I should get one of these first:

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500mm F/4.5 !!!

Woa ha ha ha ha....!!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Tri-Post for the night

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It's clear!! Woa ha ha ha ha...

So GeekChic asked me in MSN messenger chat today to check out her blog.. alamak.. seems like I've been tagged by her.

Well... since I never do this kind of things before.. here goes:

8 things you don't know about The Loctor Mayat

  1. LoctorMayat is not an Ultraman fan. In fact, LoctorMayat is more of a Kamen Rider fan. So why Ultraman? Because it's easier for you readers to identify laa... Ask everyone who is Ultraman, they all know. Ask the same about Kamen Rider, most will go ermm.... uhhh.... errr...... Aiyoh, still don't know ah? Kamen Rider = Kesatria Baja Hitam laa!! Which translates to 'Black Fertilizer Knight'
    Ha ha ha ha.....

    But currently, I'm following the 2006 version of Kamen Rider which is Kabuto. Damn nice la wei....

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    *pic taken from

  2. 'Loctor Mayat' comes from the word ''Doctor Mayat' which is 100% inspired from this guy:

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    *pic taken from

    Okay okay... some of you may have already known the origin of Loctor Mayat so this is for those new readers :P

    p/s: if you still don't know who that guy is, he is Dr Al Robbins from CSI : Las Vegas

  3. Loctor Mayat is not a reporter nor professional photographer. Loctor Mayat is a newspaper seller by early morning, Engineer by day & Char Koay Teow peddler by night. He also happens to like Photography as a hobby.

  4. Loctor Mayat is a strong Apple Computers supporter, but does not understand why people need an iPod.

  5. While in college, Loctor Mayat was given a nickname 'Camelrilyn' by his room mate. This is because Loctor drinks a lot of water, macam camel. At the same time, he listens to Marilyn Manson's music. Hence, Camelrilyn.

  6. While in high school, Loctor Mayat did a very wrong thing. His cousin who was still studying in primary school was doing some Mandarin subject homework and he had to '造句' (make sentence) with the word '' (hide).

    So, what happened was Loctor Mayat asked his cousin to write: "我把姐姐的内裤藏在床底“ which means "I hide sister's panties under the bed".

    WOA HA HA HA HA....!!!

    In the end, his teacher was shocked and called his father to school. Eventually Loctor's parents was told about it and Loctor had to go to his uncle to apologize. But then... DAMN FUNNY LA WEI!!!


  7. Mrs Mayat is banned from the kitchen every evening because that's the time LoctorMayat cooks dinner. Actually, Loctor's dream when he was young is to become a famous chef in some restaurant in Switzerland. Oh well......

  8. Finally, this will be the first and the last time I participate in this kind of tagging. Foooh yoh.... my brain juice almost dry up liao trying to think of 8 things to write about.

This coming Oct 25th, I will be meeting up with the members from PhotoMalaysia at Syed something restaurant near the Asia Jaya LRT station.

Come join us if you are free. It's on the 2nd day of Raya though....