Monday, September 25, 2006

The pics..

I arrived at Damai Laut around 1pm++ after having a damn nice seafood lunch with my buddy Coolznick at Manjung. A bunch of people already arrived and waiting to get their room keys.

I took a few shots from the lobby,

then.. we all adjourned to get some refreshments and rested for a while after the 2 hours++ journey from Penang. I was already sweating...

After settling down in my room and rested for a while, it's time to head to the beach!

Very nice leh~!!! This is the first time I'm stepping on private-owned beach

As can be seen from the pics, no people one! Ha ha ha.. the urge to *take off pants* and run across the sand is so tempting.

So after another round of major sweating at the beach, I went to the pool for a nice dip. Fooh yoh... the pool is damn nice I tell you.

After getting my skin all wrinkled up, it's almost time for dinner. The sun was beginning to set too.

I quickly went back to my room to get my camera and managed to 'capture' the beautiful sunset.

Ha ha ha.... really quite nice.

So we all headed down to the 'Garden Terrace' and had a nice buffet dinner.

Overall, it was a satisfying trip for me but I wish Mrs Mayat was there with me. Well, who says I won't be going there again right? ;)


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