Saturday, September 23, 2006


Oh my..... I never knew that it was so tiring to go canoeing with Laikos two days straight.

It was damn fun but very very tiring...

166 pics were taken... still haven't processed them yet.

Till then.. let me recuperate my sore muscles first. Now I can't even pee properly..

On a side note, checked my gmail just now and saw that several people has asked me how they can adopt Ah Brown's six puppies. Well... to be serious, I don't know.

Taking Ah Brown's puppies away from her is sort of.... cruel.. u know? But then, I don't really have a say in this matter because they're not my dogs. Ah Brown doesn't really have an owner so they're 100% strays.

To the girl who emailed me yesterday, no you can't "Come over and take a look first before deciding whether to adopt them or not".

Jeeez.... I'm not a pet shop owner for goodness sake. Some people ah... *shake head*


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