Friday, September 08, 2006

Walls Moo Soft Cookies Ice Cream Sandwich

Last night was grocery shopping night with Mrs Mayat. I wanted to try the new ice cream thingy in town which happens to be the Walls Moo Soft Cookie Sandwich (contains calcium) so when I saw it, I grabbed it :D

It's a little pricey though... RM7.95 (Carrefour) for a packet which contains 10 of these Moo Sandwich.

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Each packet is quite small in size. No larger than your average-sized palm.

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Opening it, you can see the thick layer of ice-cream in between the two dark layers of soft cookies.

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Biting into one, the first impression I got was "Eh? The cookies run air is it?"

Ha ha ha... well.. it's supposed to be soft. I'm not a great food reviewer like lanatir or BabeKL but what can I say about this new dessert in town?

Okay la. But ~80cents a piece? Jialat loh.........


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