Thursday, September 21, 2006

Zoo Implements Visitor Screening Policy After Incident

Kuala Lumpur - Officials from Zoo Negara has implemented a visitor screening policy at its front gates effective immediately after two primates died in their enclosure. The policy will cause minor delays at the front gates and ticket counter but zoo keepers mentioned that this will not disrupt operations at the zoo.

"After considering all the possibilities, we decided that this is the best way to keep visitor attracted to the zoo and to ensure that the safety of the animals are taken care of. We do not wish to see a similiar incident in the future.", according to zoo spokesman Mr Uruto Rahman.

In last Friday's incident, a visitor who was walking slowly towards the monkey's enclosure was causing the animals around her to grow uneasy. Some of the lions and tigers grew aggressive and zoo keepers had to close off the section to avoid more visitors from further agitating the beasts.

As the visitor reached the monkey cages, two primates who first saw her went into a shock and subsequently experienced a heart attack. One of them died on the spot while another one died while on the way to the vet. The visitor was then asked to leave by zoo officials.

"We hope that visitors will understand the policy as it is our duty to keep the animals safe and protected at all times. Some of the animals are close to extinction and we do not wish to lose them while under our care", Uruto Rahman continued.

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