Saturday, October 21, 2006

Seafood on revenge...

After the disastrous event which involved the sad demise of environmentalist Steve Irwin, another case happened in Malaysia just recently.

An Ikan Kembung was waiting to be slaughtered and seasoned with tepung kunyit and salt suddenly came alive and started attacking. The unfortunate victim was Urutoraman Cosmos whose head got caught in the jaws of the Ikan Kembung.

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Many tried to free him but unfortunately the Ikan Kembung was too strong. Eventually everybody fled the scene for their own safety.

Few minutes later, police and rescue personnel from 911 arrived on the scene and saw the badly injured and severely mangled body of Urutoraman Cosmos. The Ikan Kembung was no where to be found.

Experts from Las Vegas was called in to help in investigations.

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