Monday, October 09, 2006

Tri-Post for the night

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It's clear!! Woa ha ha ha ha...

So GeekChic asked me in MSN messenger chat today to check out her blog.. alamak.. seems like I've been tagged by her.

Well... since I never do this kind of things before.. here goes:

8 things you don't know about The Loctor Mayat

  1. LoctorMayat is not an Ultraman fan. In fact, LoctorMayat is more of a Kamen Rider fan. So why Ultraman? Because it's easier for you readers to identify laa... Ask everyone who is Ultraman, they all know. Ask the same about Kamen Rider, most will go ermm.... uhhh.... errr...... Aiyoh, still don't know ah? Kamen Rider = Kesatria Baja Hitam laa!! Which translates to 'Black Fertilizer Knight'
    Ha ha ha ha.....

    But currently, I'm following the 2006 version of Kamen Rider which is Kabuto. Damn nice la wei....

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  2. 'Loctor Mayat' comes from the word ''Doctor Mayat' which is 100% inspired from this guy:

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    Okay okay... some of you may have already known the origin of Loctor Mayat so this is for those new readers :P

    p/s: if you still don't know who that guy is, he is Dr Al Robbins from CSI : Las Vegas

  3. Loctor Mayat is not a reporter nor professional photographer. Loctor Mayat is a newspaper seller by early morning, Engineer by day & Char Koay Teow peddler by night. He also happens to like Photography as a hobby.

  4. Loctor Mayat is a strong Apple Computers supporter, but does not understand why people need an iPod.

  5. While in college, Loctor Mayat was given a nickname 'Camelrilyn' by his room mate. This is because Loctor drinks a lot of water, macam camel. At the same time, he listens to Marilyn Manson's music. Hence, Camelrilyn.

  6. While in high school, Loctor Mayat did a very wrong thing. His cousin who was still studying in primary school was doing some Mandarin subject homework and he had to '造句' (make sentence) with the word '' (hide).

    So, what happened was Loctor Mayat asked his cousin to write: "我把姐姐的内裤藏在床底“ which means "I hide sister's panties under the bed".

    WOA HA HA HA HA....!!!

    In the end, his teacher was shocked and called his father to school. Eventually Loctor's parents was told about it and Loctor had to go to his uncle to apologize. But then... DAMN FUNNY LA WEI!!!


  7. Mrs Mayat is banned from the kitchen every evening because that's the time LoctorMayat cooks dinner. Actually, Loctor's dream when he was young is to become a famous chef in some restaurant in Switzerland. Oh well......

  8. Finally, this will be the first and the last time I participate in this kind of tagging. Foooh yoh.... my brain juice almost dry up liao trying to think of 8 things to write about.

This coming Oct 25th, I will be meeting up with the members from PhotoMalaysia at Syed something restaurant near the Asia Jaya LRT station.

Come join us if you are free. It's on the 2nd day of Raya though....


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