Sunday, November 05, 2006


Today me and Mrs Mayat went over to Penang because I need to change my faulty SD card from Albert Fotokrazy. After that, Mrs Mayat wanted to go meet her ex-housemate from UTM who is now working and staying in Penang island.

Her friend is staying at none other N-Park :D

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Wow.... I can see that... the condo is really packed! Resident densitiy must be damn high. Nevetheless, I can't help but notice that they do have a very nice park.

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Mrs Mayat's friend finally came down and she took us up the condo and showed us the view.

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Can see Pulau Jerejak too!

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This is my very first time to experience a view of the southern tip of the island from way up.

Looking down.... the condo sure has very nice swimming pool facilities! Even bigger than my condo's one..

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Damn shiok..

However, the insides are a little small but for Penang standard, this ~RM200k condo is quite worth it liao la... unless you're rich enough to buy million ringgit prices houses on the island. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom and washing yard... aiyah... okay liao lah.

But for me, the ultra high density scares me but if you're a non-Penang guy/girl working at Bayan Lepas, this place is very good liao. Rental for an unfurnished unit starts from RM650 per month.

p/s: After that, Loctor saw a lot of longkang in Praingin mall. *pengsan*


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