Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cheap sale! Cheap sale! Lai lai lai....

I was chatting with the buddies over at Photomalaysia as well as geekchic when the subject of Chinese style weddings came into discussion. Well, seems like nowadays, weddings to a typical Chinese couple... has become a burden more than a joyous occasion.

Let's look at a case study...

So after John and Mary pak tor-ed for several weeks, they decided it's best for them to get married and have a family of their own. So, John decided to take Mary's family out for dinner at an expensive restaurant.

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Over the meal, John gathers up the courage to pop the question to Mary's parents.

"Aunty.. Uncle.... Mary and I have... err..... umm.... decided.... errr.... to get.... umm........ married"

Mary's parents smiled and said nothing. John continued,

"So Aunty.. Uncle... if you don't mind... can you let me know your requirements in order to bless our wedding?"

Mary's mother answered slowly,"Well John, you're not too bad actually. Stable job, good personality, responsible and loving to my daughter. We won't ask for too much from you laa..."

John was overjoyed,"Ha ha... that's good to hear. So...... how much you need leh?"

Mary's mother thought for a while, looked at her husband and both nodded their heads. Mary's father opened his mouth and said,"John, make it RM25,000 laa......"

John's pants exploded and he fainted in the restaurant.

As you can see from the case study above, nowadays, to get married, you first have to buy a wife first.

Yes.. ..... buy.

I know there are many parents out there who thinks that the daughter farming business is one of the best industry ever to be involved in. I know someone close to me had to pay RM30,000 for dowry. If you don't pay, no marriage consent.


You think what??

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Okay.. to be fair, some parents only ask for a few thousand, or just requested for a couple of tables for their relatives for the wedding dinner. That one I don't mind. However, those who asked for ridiculous amount of dowry should really get their head examined.

Wah lau.... RM30k... *tsk tsk tsk*

No wonder nowadays there are so many Ah Loong services around. Heck, even food catering services also can be settled with 0% installments. Many couples begin their married life owing the bank/Ah Loong money. Worth it meh?

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Lavish wedding dinners is also another thing I don't really understand. Heck, I'll leave that for another discussion.

Wah lau.... RM30k .... *shake head in disbelief*

So what about me and Mrs Mayat?

Hehehehe.... I'm very proud to say that Mrs Mayat's parents didn't really ask anything ridiculous from me. I'm so happy for that. For now, I will be planning for our wedding ceremony peacefully. Hopefully and by God's grace, we will hold it next year :D

Till then....



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