Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2 years liao....

Today, is the 2nd year Loctor and Mrs Mayat registered our marriage.
Yeah.. time really flies by. In a blink, 2 years liao. Heh heh heh..

Well I didn't plan anything special for today as I told Mrs Mayat that we shouldn't be spending too much on these stuff. Nevertheless, Mrs had something in mind and I just let her be.

When I got home... something bad happened. (Will tell later).

So when I opened the fridge, I saw a box from the local bakery. Ah ha.... ! After dinner and sorts, I took out the cake and saw..

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Wah~! So nice la the cake... chocolate chips heart-shaped sponge cake. Mrs Mayat is as sweet as ever. Loctor really lup her so much.

So... what was the bad thing?

Erm... I was quite late from work today as I needed to work on something. And silly me, I was too busy until I had no time to sms her and told her I'll be late.

Unknowingly, Mrs was waiting at the lobby of our condo around the usual time I would be back. And since I was ~30 minutes late, she was quite furious. Alamak..

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kekeke... soli Mrs Mayat.... soli soli


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