Friday, September 01, 2006

JB, Wa Lai Liao! (Here I come)

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Finally... tonight's the night I hop on the bus and head down to Skudai to attend my dearest Mrs Mayat's convocation.

Just had something spicy for dinner so I hope I don't have to ask Encik Driver to make emergency stop tonight for me to drop some brown babies by the pool. Woa ha ha ha...

Meanwhile, I'll be meeting up with a good friend there to talk about cameras and photography on Sunday lunch till evening.

We will be back from JB on Monday night. Wooo weee.... I'm on leave till next Tuesday so it's gonna be a great R&R week for me. So excited.

* YAWN * feeling damn sleepy now. I can't afford to sneak in a nap as I don't wanna stay awake throughout the whole journey to JB. Uggh... no please thank you very much.

Oh on a side note... the PM just announced 2007's budget. Hmmm... nothing much interesting though. I still don't have to pay income tax for this year :D


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