Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wah.. new car!

yaThis afternoon, sistermayat (Nicholas' mother) sms-ed me and mentioned that our parents are shopping for a new car. I was quite surprised and shocked because my parents are quite anti-buy-new-car one...

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After all, father's Waja is still running fine what? Come on, tell me what car company makes cars that allow you to have the special feature of opening your door at the toll booth to pay? Or the built-in sound system and gets even better after you've gone through the famous Malaysian roads with the cheese pattern design? (Read: Holes)

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We keep sms-ing each other and finally I found out that our parents were actually outside looking around AND planning to book one today.

Wahh.... shiok nyer.... one thing I know about my dad, he buys car with CASH $$$$ one. Yeah.. perks of a retired old man.

So, which car did our parents got today?

Toyota VIOS 1.5 siewber karer...
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*pic from paultan's blog


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